We are a Brand Strategy & Copywriting Studio

Transformational copywriting

designed to help teams be more

resourceful & tell their story.

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Strategy is our philosophy

Other studios only solve design problems, yet teams approach them looking for help to reach business goals. Purely aesthetic & subjective solutions to real problems won't get results that matter. 

However, SquishyBrick focuses on solving

specific business challenges, through the

art & science of strategy guided copywriting

Our Process

Using a systematic approach of discovery & strategy, we help teams solve business challenges by brainstorming and strategizing with our clients before making anything. This ensures that everything we design will be guided & directed by a thoughtfully created strategy. 

Issac Hopkins

Founding Director

Issac Hopkins is an award-winning digital content creator & brand strategist. Founder and CEO of SquishyBrick, where he oversees the creative and strategic direction of the company.

He received his BFA from the Art Institute of Washington in Video Game Art & Design. Since then he’s lectured at: Art Institute of Washington, Gibbs College Connecticut, Trinity College and the University of Hartford.

This is done through our 6 step process.


You have a BIG GRAND IDEA,  a mission and you know where you want to go, only... the direction is wide and the details are still a little fuzzy.
Our goal is to help bring your idea to life & make it real. First we have to gain a clear understanding of your brand, which is done through a structured framework that we call "Discovery" – that's designed to clarify your message & align your team in days, not months.


We help our clients solve business challenges 

We help teams solve business challenges through strategy guided copywriting. A valuable systematic process of discovery, writing and design.


Transformational presentations designed to help teams be more resourceful & tell their story.

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